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We specialize in providing rebuild kits for Delco Remy alternators.


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We stock these products:

  • 3 wire repair kits
  • 1 wire conversion kits
  • Full repair kits
  • Rewound rotors
  • Rewound stators
  • Accessories

Kits for these alternator types:

  • 10DN
  • 10SI
  • 12SI
  • 15SI
  • 17SI
  • 17SI - 120A

Repair kits include:

  • Instructions for general diagnostic system checks
  • Specific rebuild instructions
  • An exploded parts diagram of the alternator
  • Individual parts test procedures

More kit info:

These kits are for alternators widely used on these 1962-1992 vehicles:

  • All General Motors brands
  • American Motors
  • International Harvester
  • Jeep

Also many brands of farm and construction equipment.

You can get a more complete list from by DOWNLOADING our brochure.

All of our kits contain premium quality components and are backed by more than 30 years of rebuild experience.

Kit Sample:


  • 2 Wire Harness Conversion
  • Harness Connector Assembly

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Great features!

The features of our repair kits will help even an inexperienced person to perform a quality rebuild and save BIG money!